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Come and have fun on the most popular beach on the Emerald Coast.

DEPARTURE TIME: The Caixa D'aço tour with island starts at 2:30 pm, when we leave Porto dos Piratas heading for a great party!

SCRIPT: First, we will visit Vila do Araçá, or as we know it, Vila dos Pescadores, why do we call it that? We'll tell you on the tour. Continuing our trip, we head towards the wonderful Praia do Caixa D'aço, where several famous people stroll with their speedboats and yachts, and as we are pirates, we will follow in the same direction.

BATH STOP: You didn't think we'd just stare, did you? Neymar doesn't miss out on the wait, we'll make a long shower stop, so that all of you can make the most of this natural delicacy and where we'll have a lot of partying.

RETURNS: This is the sad part of the story, the time to return home, we will return after the bath stop to Porto dos Piratas, but first we will have a little surprise for you, for those who want to prolong the fun, we will have an optional disembarkation at island of Porto Belo, and for those who want to go home and rest, we return to Porto dos Piratas. Remembering that for those who disembark on the island, the returns are at 16:00 or 18:00.

Just to remind you, the Aixa D'aço tour with the island is 1 hour and a half long, you can enjoy it a lot!!

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See you aboard sailor!

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